1:16 Man 630 Emma kit coming soon

September 9, 2018 0 By Jagerhobby
1:16 Man 630 Emma kit coming soon

In Germany the MAN 630 5-ton tactical truck of the Bundeswehr is a true legend. Nicknamed ‘Emma’ it is the most famous military truck design along with the Unimog . The most popular military truck in private ownership. The MAN 630, introduced in 1958, is a sturdy and almost indestructible design based on the vast experiences of the Wehrmacht of World War 2

Man 630 Jager Hobby Kit

#Jager hobby has been working on a #1:16 #scalemodel of the Man 630 Emma iconic truck video to come soon!

Man 630 Emma Chassis Conversion Rc Truck

Hi, my name is #MAN #630 L2AE. Friends are just calling me #Emma. I was born after the war in the late 1950’s. I had my first rollout in 1957. It’s looked so funny, that one year later the young German #Bundeswehr brought me into service. I was the successor of the M4500A and I worked here for more than 40 years. After my retirement I found a lot of fans, one of the reasons was my tough characteristics. You will not find any power steering or synchronized gearbox. But I will start up, without any problem after many long years of silence. My multifuel engine takes anything he has got. The most important thing is, it must burn, and that’s all. The best for me is Diesel, from this fuel I can do 30 L / 100km on asphalt road and I can run at an unbelievable 67 km/h.

Off road it’s could be maximum 38 km/h and I can tow 6 tons as my name says. However when I worked I was only allowed to tow 5 tons. The 30 is because of the 130 HP of my D 1246 MV A engine.

To make it complete: L: Lastkraftwagen, the German word for Truck/Lorry.

2: is the model series

A: Allrad, the German word for all wheel drive

E: Einzelbereift, German word of single tires.

But keep it simple: just call me Emma.

The most of us will not have the money to follow this offer and buy an original Emma. For us the German model company jager offer a 1:16 semi scale model of this nice lady.

So the test started with the delivery of the nice coloured carton of Emma one day before Father’s Day. I was a little bit surprised by the weight of the carton. My first encounter at the exhibition in Sinsheim the model didn’t feel so heavy.

After opening the carton you will find a lot of air. To protect the contents some plastic airbags are included. All small parts are packed separately into bags, which are fixed to the carton. This protects all the part during transport. The main parts, which will make the model Emma, are placed deep in the protective packaging. Here are the sheets, which are the holder for the milled parts. My first idea was: phew, this is lot of work. The next idea was: nice work, good job.

Totally eight sheets of PS with the milled parts of the cabin and the flat are waiting. The angular design of the cab simplifies the building this model from these parts. The model builder will find a black and white instruction in four languages and shows all sheets as numbered. The sheets themselves are not numbered, to identify each sheet place it on 1;1 diagram in the instruction manual. If the manual is damaged during the building of the truck, you can download a new one from jagerhobby.com as pdf.