GAZ 66 Roof M35 4×4 Load bed Canvas Frame Kit

September 7, 2018 0 By Jagerhobby
GAZ 66 Roof M35 4×4 Load bed Canvas Frame Kit

A nice Kit to suit the GAZ 66 Roof and M35 4×4 Truck Kits

The Gaz 66 Roof is a Russian 4×4 all-road military truck that was the main transport vehicle for motorised infantry of the Soviet Army and is still employed in former USSR countries.

It has gained legendary status in many countries around the world due to its reliability, simplicity and off-road capability. Thanks to  features such as a front mounted winch, cab over engine design, Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) and two limited slip differentials the Gaz 66 is extremely popular with armed forces all around the world as well as off-road enthusiasts.

Production ceased in 1999.The Gaz makes a very usable and reliable classic vehicle that turns heads wherever it goes. With typical Russian design it is easy to work on and spares are cheap and freely available via the internet. It makes a fantastic classic camper with good sized insulated box on the back just ready for a conversion of your design. Top speed is about 60 mph with comfortable cruising at about 50 mph giving a fuel return of 16-18 mpg. Higher speeds and off-road travel increase the consumption, but it is not all bad news on fuel. 

Gaz 66 Roof

GAZ 66 Radio controlled Scale Truck

1/16 scale Jeep M35A2 4×4 Rc Truck

Soviet civilian and military trucks

Are produced in the same plants and have extensive interchangeability of parts and components. For example, the ZIL-131 was the main 31/2-ton #6×6 Soviet military truck used in #Vietnam and #Afghanistan and is produced also in a civilian 4 x 2 version as the ZIL-130. Over 60 percent of the parts in the ZIL-131 military truck are common to the ZIL-130 civilian truck.
All Soviet truck technology and a large part of Soviet truck-manufacturing equipment has come from the West, mainly from the United States. While some elementary transfers-lines and individual machines for vehicle production are made in the Soviet Union, these are copies of Western machines and always obsolete in design.

American companies

Many major American companies have been prominent in building up the #Soviet truck industry. The Ford Motor Company, the A. J. Brandt Company, the Austin Company, General Electric, Swindell-Dressier, and others supplied the technical assistance, design work, and equipment of the original giant plants.
This Soviet military-civilian truck industry originally comprised two main groups of plants, plus five newer giant plants. The first group used models, technical assistance, and parts and components from the Ford-built #Gorki automobile plant #GAZ is the model designation). The second group of production plants used models, parts, and components from the A. J. Brandt-rebuilt #ZIL plant in Moscow (Zavod imeni Likhachev, formerly the AMO and later the Stalin plant). Consequently this plant was called the BBH-ZIL plant after the three companies involved in its reconstruction and expansion in the 1930s: A. J. Brandt, Budd, and Hamilton Foundry.

Ford and Brandt

There is a fundamental difference between the Ford and Brandt companies. Brandt had only one contract in the USSR, to rebuild the old AMO plant in 1929. AMO in 1930 had a production of 30,000 trucks per year, compared to the Gorki plant, designed from scratch by Ford for an output of 140,000 vehicles per year. Ford is still interested in Russian business. Brandt is not interested and has not been since 1930.