GAZ-66 R-142 Mobile HF/VHF radio station 1:16 Truck Conversion

September 7, 2018 0 By Jagerhobby
GAZ-66 R-142 Mobile HF/VHF radio station 1:16 Truck Conversion

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R-142 was a complete mobile HF and VHF radio system, developed in the USSR and used in the Warsaw Pact countries during the Cold War, consisting of a fairly large metal rack with a number of radio transceivers, intercoms, interfaces, control units and encryption devices. The radio station was generally housed inside a communications shelter mounted on a GAZ-66 truck.

GAZ-66 communications truck

The image shows a typical GAZ-66 communications truck with a full command and communications shelter on its back, as seen from the rear. The open door at the right is the entrance to the radio shack with the R-142 set at its heart. Apart from the standard R-142 set, it has space for three secret devices

A small 2-step ladder provides easy access to the radio shack. The lights inside the shack can only be turned on when the door is closed. As soon as the door is opened the lights go off and the red combat lighting comes on automatically.

The open door at the rear is the entrance to the commander’s cabin. Inside this compartment is a table with chairs at both sides. The commander can operate the radio set in the other room from a remote control set mounted above this table. To the left of the door is a power generator.

Two foldable window

 Antennas are mounted at the roof of the shelter. They are used for HF communication. A retractable mast with the VHF antennas is mounted behind the door of the radio shack. Furthermore, a selection of rod antennas and wire antennas can be mounted to the shelter. Some can be used whilst driving.

The image on the right shows a typical R-142 radio station at it was built inside the GAZ-66 communications vehicle. Various radio sets are visible in this picture. The sloped device at the bottom center is the operator’s control panel.