HC81 Wyrven force insertion multi role platform

September 18, 2018 0 By Jagerhobby
HC81 Wyrven force insertion multi role platform

The HC81 Wyrven is a close air support and force insertion multi role platform.

#Rapid #deployment of #specialforces teams in high threat environments along with the ability to provide C.A.S and long loiter time became a priority by the mid 21stcentury.

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The HC81 was designed by BAE/Vosper as a boxer, The brief required a platform that not only could punch hard and fast but could also absorb the hardest blow. THE HC81 far exceed the original specs. Multi layer reactive composite Armour and a matrix weave citadel for the 8 troops along with a Rolls Royce 1004 Double #Pegasus with 220,000kw watts giving long duration and #stealth flight thanks to its muti rotor system which has built in redundancy

To punch back the HC81 carries a nose mounted 4 barreled MBX 40mm Ceramic penetration system. This gives the Wyrven the ability to stand toe to toe with all ground combat threats. The Hc81 can also carry the MIRA #MRLS system on its 4 under wing #hardpoints, giving a total of 16 rounds, The MIRA MRLS is a multi role missile system able to be programmed with ceramic #Flechlette’s, Cermaic anti Armour penetration or disbursement minelets.


As with the AD77 the HC81 also has multi spectrum lights to warn potential hostiles.

Working in partnership with the AD77 Vengeance the HC81 Wyrven is a battle space management system without equal