Painting and building

With over 30 years experience in the commercial model building industry Jager can bring your new model to life. Its not as expensive as you may think.

Small or large projects

Detail painting

Small item detail painting. Want a few scale items to add on to your model from our range. We can paint it for you. 

Kit building

We don’t just create unique and stunning kits. We can build them for you. From the prototype to a finished and painted model. 

Ready to Run - To wOW

Wan’t a replica of a Vehicle or aircraft or ship. We can build, paint and finish for you.

our expertise

Small details - You can see

Adding a few finishing touches can be daunting. Yet it brings a model to life. A pair of scale jumpleads will make your model stand out.

Proffesional Service

We build models for a living. This means your project is handled quickly and professionally. We send photos of projects and work to a timescale. If you need a model build for an event or date then we will work to deliver.

Build Log

We take photos as you model build progresses.You can see your model come to life

We will build and paint anything


At Jager Hobby we realize each project is unique. However we have tried to create a simple guide with some examples below. We can also design build and finish a model of anything. click the button for more

Small Scale Tank and Truck

This case is in 1:16 scale and sold unpainted in our shop for £3.50. With scale detail parts the painting fee is the part x2 . So this box painted in a wood finish as shown would be £7.00. This applies to most of our small 1:16 1:14 and 1:12 accessories.

Ready to Wow

Ready to Run vehicles. A scale repaint and weathering to make it look more realistic is in most cases x2 of the model. If you wanted a replica of a particular vehicle or scheme. The challenger 2 shown here would cost. RTR Challenger 2 £175.00
Dorchester Armour Kit £195
Build Fee £195.00
Paint Fee £175.00
You can see a built and painted version at the top of this page

Kit Building

We can assemble any of our kits for you. From our large scale aircraft to our Vehicle upgrades. The general build cost is the Kit x2 plus any accessories you want adding. For example the large scale SAAB here. Would be £249.50 x 2 plus any servos etc you wish to be added. If you wanted the model covered and painted it would be a further charge of the kit price

Figure Painting

Figure painting is a little tricky so we have split it into 3 levels 1 Basic x2 of the figure cost. This gives a nice detailed basic paint finish. Basic details are picked out 2 Lifelike (Shown) x 3 of the figure cost. The figure is painted to include highlights detail camouflage and shading 3 Diorama x4 The figure is painted to the highest standard with scenery and details added

Ready to Go

We can take any of our kits and build, paint finish and supply it, ready to go. Its impossible to try price this for you I am afraid. However we have 35 years experience delivering models to standard , on budget and time to the commercial sector.

Custom Builds and Paint

We don't just work on existing models. We can design build paint and finish a large model of anything. From an individual figure to a new rc aircraft kit.. If you want it we will build it Read more here

Some of our finished work

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