New Product Prototype Build 3.5 Ton Dolly wheel trailer

September 9, 2018 0 By Jagerhobby
New Product Prototype Build 3.5 Ton Dolly wheel trailer

Scale Trailer for Rc Trucks

Scale trailer to suit prime movers trailers are of metal constructions with working suspension . Trailers can be up graded with lights, remote operate drop down legs ramps and set up with infra red to control all lights with out wires from the truck.

Prototype build of a New #ScaleTrailer for 1:12 1:14 and 1:16 Models

quick release #tipper trailer makes loading and unloading convenient and easy.
Rugged polyethylene bed and all steel heavy duty frame with powder coat finish won’t rust or corrode.
Pass through axle for extra clearance to allow your cart to cover nearly any terrain.
Quick realise foot plate.
Durable tilt and pivot steel frame to easily dump loads.

Remote Control Trucks. With the electrical cable it can be connected to the remote controlled truck and it is then operated through the tractor’s control hand set. The #trailer dumper is electronically tilted to both right and left. At the trailer rear, red and orange LEDs create rear light and indicators. Also due to an independent power source by battery, the trailers can be operated without a control tractor as the relevant switches are fitted on the trailer too, so that the tilting and lights can be controlled.

M989- 22,000 lb. 11 ton trailer- pull behind.  Rebuilt brake system.  Cleaned and Painted.

The #Jeep #trailer was a small, 1/4-ton payload rated, cargo #trailer, designed in World War II, tailored to be towed by 1/4-ton #U.S. Army Jeeps. Versions of the #quarter-ton jeep trailers remained in #military use, by the U.S. or other countries, at least through to the 1990s.