New range of 1:16 Weapons

September 7, 2018 0 By Jagerhobby
New range of 1:16 Weapons

We have a new range of 1/16 weapons in our scale accessories section

PPsH-41 Submachinegun: The Weapons Russia, China and North Korea All Loved

German K98 Mauser Rifle


Ppsh 41

1/16 Mg42

Us Weapons

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Icon of the Soviet war machine

#PPsH-41 submachine gun undoubtedly reigns as an icon weapons of the #Soviet war machine in World War II. Immortalized in combat photographs and in films such as Cross of Iron and The Tin Drum. Like the #T-34 tank and the Il-2 #Shturmovik attack plane , the “Pepsha” or “Papasha” (“Daddy”) was not only a rugged. A marvel of mass production, but performed well compared to more expensive contemporaries. Both the #RedArmy and later the Chinese and North Korean armies would employ the “burp gun” on an unprecedent scale.

The end of World War I

#Submachineguns began to appear near the end of World War I to help soldiers clear out trenches in brutal short-range assaults. These short barrelled, highly portable automatic weapons usually employed the simple blowback principle in which the gasses expelled by a low-powered pistol cartridge both propelled the round out of the barrel and pushed back the weapon’s bolt, allowing a new round to pop up into the chamber to be fired once the bolt sprang back into place.

The Red Army’s first submachinegun, the PPD designed by Vasily Degtyaryov, was inspired by the German MP18 and employed 7.62×25 millimeter #Tokarev #pistol cartridges. However, the #PPD was labor-intensive to produce. Due to its milled-steel parts. Only ninety thousand were issued by the time production ended in 1942.W ith most factories having been overrun by the invading Nazis.

Designer Georgy Shpagin took the PPD design to the chopping block. Trimming away several components and innovating through the use of a stamped-metal body and perforated barrel jacket to speed production. If necessary, the weapon’s barrel could even be fashioned by simply chopping the barrel of a standard Soviet Mosin-Nagant service rifle in two. The resulting design was ideal for rapid #fabrication by unskilled factory workers in just five to seven hours, half the time it took to produce a PPD. By the end of 1942, 1.5 million PPsH had been produced.