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September 8, 2017 0 By Jagerhobby
New to RCtruck Read more

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Having very recently come into the hobby with no prior experience, I know first hand how daunting it can be for a novice. With this guide, I hope to break down all the terms and concepts that you need to know to get started with electric RCtruck. I am far from an expert myself, but over the last few weeks I’ve picked up enough information that I can at least follow along with the conversations on this board. If I have made any mistakes, or if there is something you would like me to add, please let me know.

Scale Rc truck


#Monster RcTrucks (MT):

I think everybody knows what these are. Huge tires and lifted suspension. They usually aren’t the fastest, which is actually good because they don’t handle well at high speed. However, excellent ground clearance means they’ll run over pretty much anything.


Open wheeled with a narrow front, usually an exposed motor in back and a wing on top. Buggies have relatively low ground clearnace compared to STs and are preferred for dirt-track racing rather than going through grass and brush.

Stadium RcTruck (ST):

Basically a buggy with a modified truck body and modified (usually higher) suspension. STs are sometimes referred to as #truggies, though there are technically some minor distinctions between the two. A good “all-around” truck that will handle well on pavement, dirt and gravel, but can still get over grass without too much difficulty.

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Short Course RCTruck (SC):

Sometimes called a #CORR (Championship Off Road Racing) truck, these are usually a bit narrower than STs or buggies and the outer body is widened to cover the wheels. They usually have smaller wheels and a bit less suspension travel and ground clearance then STs. Good for pavement and dirt, but the lower body gives them some trouble with coarse gravel or high grass. The wide body has something of a “parachute effect” when taking jumps, which takes some getting used to. A new sub-category of desert trucks (DT) is emerging from the SCs with slightly smaller, more to-scale bodies and tires. These DTs do not fit into existing approved race specs, but they are a nice option for those who want a more realistic off-roader.

#Rockcrawler  very slow, but they’ll climb over obstacles that nothing else can handle.

#Road car: There are probably several subtle sub-classes that I am unaware of, but in general, a road car is low slung with very little ground clearance. They are designed to race on asphalt or concrete, or a smooth indoor floor surface, and cannot handle uneven terrain. Their suspension is stiff with little travel, but they’ll drift around corners like nobody’s business.

F1: Also called indy cars, these are road-only vehicles that are set up to look like full-scale race cars with wide, exposed wheels and spoilers.

Rally car: Just as with real cars, RC rally cars bridge the gap between on-road race cars and off-road trucks. These cars don’t have the ground clearance for really rough terrain, but with the proper tires they’ll do well on either paved or dirt tracks.