1/5 Scale Me163 Komet RC Model Electric Ducted Fan Turbine or Prop


Jager Hobby Me163 Komet 1850mm Wingspan

This is a Composite Kit

The hull is made of GRP / epoxy and comes with a white gel coat top layer. The wings, the rudder and and elevator are made in foam / abachi veneer construction  with the corresponding reinforcements.

No , linkages and decals, as every model maker has his own ideas for a model of this kind.




Jager Hobby Me163 Komet

The first #Messerschmitt  #Me163Bs were deployed to the #Erprobungskommando 16 testing unit on January 1944, and first saw combat in an inconclusive #B17 intercept on July 28, 1944. By August, an entire wing of# Komets, designated #JG400, commanded by Maj. Wolfgang Späte, deployed to #Brandis and #Stargard to defend the #Leuna and #Pölitz synthetic fuel plants. Shortages of #CStoff caused by allied bombing would actually keep many of the Me 163 grounded for much of their time in service.

Into Action

Nonetheless, some Me 163s did see action. Typically, one or two Komets would dive down on Allied bomber formations in a hit-and-run attack, before gliding back to base, their fuel spent.

It turned out the Me 163 was too fast to be a good bomber destroyer. Flying up to four hundred miles per hour faster than the bombers it was hunting, while using cannons accurate only at short range, a Komet pilot had about 2.5 seconds to aim and fire before he shot past his target. #Allied #fighters had no chance of keeping pace with the speedy Komets—but they learned to follow them back to their airfields and strafe them as they made landing approaches.

In an attempt to address the accuracy problem, the Luftwaffe fitted Me 163s with the experimental #SG500 #Jagdfaust.

1/5 Scale Me163 Komet RC Model Prop 1850mm


So we love the #ME163 it was the first model in our XPS Kit Range

Technology moved on and more of you wanted either a dedicated #Turbine or a Prop Jet model

3ds Me163 Komet Turbine or Prop 1850mm

So we drew a big breath and went back to Cad and Re designed it

We are pretty please with ourselves

1/5 Scale Me163 Komet Turbine 1850mm


So first This 1/15 Scale 1850mm Wingspan Model is based around a White GRP fuselage

Me163 Electric Ducted Fan

Fuselage GRP has rivets and panel line details,

Scale Me163 Komet Turbine

We Designed the model so you can easily instert a Thrust Tube to suit Turbine or EDF Setups such as a high power #120mm 12s EDF or around a 70nm Turbine

We created a Laser cut ply Bulkhead to suit a prop drive l Our test model flew on a 50/65 motor on 6s — Right until will gave it 10s … Its now goes like a missile! .So you want around #2000w +

There are 2 options for wings the Base kit comes with foam balsa veneered wings with servo cutouts and extension leads already in

However we also have a Full composite wing option available for the dedicated turbine model
Added into our kit is a clear canopy and a wing Joiner

The Rudder and Ailerons are separate and Rudder is needed as a prop model

RC system 5- servos
span: 1,850mm
Length: 1160 mm
Motor: 120mm EDF or 2000w + Prop Set up

Flying Weight is around 4kg for a Prop and 7 KG as a EDF

Flying the ME163

Model Description: Like the other models in our range, the Me 163 version is built as accurate as possible for scale outline with tweaks to make it fly as well as possible  #rcscale. Some minor changes have been made to the original Me 163 B 1a. The wings are thinner and lighter which makes the Jager model a great flyer model very popular.

He 162 Volksjaeger Salamander Radio Controlled EDF Turbine

Jager Hobby Skunk Works —New Aircraft for Christmas 2018


Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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