British Army MAN HX58 Radio Controlled Model Truck


The MAN HX58 is a tactical military truck. Vehicle has a 6×6 configuration. This military truck is in service with Germany, New Zealand and UK. The United Kingdom ordered about 500 of the MAN HX58 trucks in various versions. First vehicles were delivered in 2007. It replaced the Bedford TM 6-6 heavy utility truck in the British Army service. New Zealand operates approximately 60 HX58 military trucks. These trucks have expected service life of 20 years. In the MAN HX range there are also HX60 (4×4) and HX77 (8×8) tactical military trucks.

   Essentially this military truck is a successor to the MAN KAT 1 with 6×6 configuration. The HX58 has a payload capacity of 9 t. It is available as a general purpose cargo vehicle, artillery tractor or tanker.

   The cab accommodates driver and two passengers. The same cab is used across the HX and SX ranges of military trucks. Vehicle is available with Modular Armor Cabin (MAC) or heavier Integrated Armored Cabin (IAC). The MAC cabin provides protection against 7.62×39 mm armor-piercing rounds and withstands 6 kg anti-tank mine blast under any wheel. The IAC protects against 7.62×52 mm armor-piercing rounds and withstands 8 kg anti-tank mine blast anywhere under the hull.


This ideal for RC truck fans, and model collectors. Designed to be a easy to use replica of the MAN Hx58, each small detail. The model is nicely finished and accurate of the truck.

Main Features:
– Great cale model, bevel differential makes the truck turn more smooth, and more stable.
Built-in 6V 700mAh battery for running up to 20 minutes; the remote control distance is up to 50M.
Sensitive 2.4GHz remote control: keep your truck under control completely.
Strong fall-resistance:  metal C type chassis , trapezoid frame strong resistance to impact.

1 : 16 MAN Military RC truck

RC model 1 : 16 Military RC truck

Strong power: with a brush motor of and a six-wheel drive, the original vehicle springs  are simulated to . The maximum speed is up to 12km/h.
– Load capacity: the load capacity of the rear truck card can bear the weight up to 300g.

We have a range of scale accessories here to suit this model

Crew figures also bring this model to life 

– Remote-controlled car: powered by one 6V 700mAh battery ( included )
– Remote controller: powered by 2 x AA batteries ( not included )
– Remote-controlled time: 15 – 20minutes
– 1/16 Scale detailed design
– Charging time: 3h
– Remote-controlled distance: 50m
– Highest speed: 12km/h
– Remote-controlled frequency: 2.4GHz
– Full functions: forward / backward / left / right / speed switch / LED light

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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