EDF F15E Strike Eagle 1753mm 90mm Ducted Fan Kit


EDF F-15E Strike Eagle 1753mm 90mm Ducted Fan Kit

This is a un built kit made from XPS Foam. You will receive a box of pre cut foam components. You will need experience and other parts to complete the model.
No Hardware or Under cart is included.
This kit is made to order and takes around 7 Days to dispatch
Please visit our XPS kit FAQ so you understand and are familiar with this range of model

To find out more about our range of XPS kits and how to build, cover and finish them please go here XPS aircraft kIts FAQ



EDF F15E Strike Eagle 1753mm 90mm Ducted Fan Kit

The F15E Strike Eagle is a dual-role fighter designed to perform air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. An array of avionics and electronics systems gives the F-15E the capability to fight at low altitude, day or night, and in all weather.

The aircraft uses two crew members, a pilot and a weapon systems officer. Previous models of the F-15 are assigned air-to-air roles; the “E” model is a dual-role #fighter. It has the capability to fight its way to a target over long ranges, destroy enemy ground positions and fight its way out.

The aircraft’s navigation system uses a laser gyro and a Global Positioning System to continuously monitor the aircraft’s position and provide information to the central computer and other systems, including a digital moving map in both cockpits.

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EDF F15E Strike Eagle 1753mm 90mm Ducted Fan Kit

Model F-15E Strike Eagle, 1800mm

wingspan – 1257mm
length – 1753mm
wing area  – 33.32 dm².
number of components  –  89 pc.
for 2x90mm EDF (+/-7mm) 

Flying Weight 8kg
weight glued 650 gr.

One of the meanest machines created during the Cold War. now operated by Israel Japan Saudi Arabia and of course United States who created it.
The JagerF-15E is made from XPS and is laser cut material which is lightweight yet very strong

This massive plane requires a 2x90mm Thrust EDF or you may choose to have a Turbine setup from 8kgs -14kgs each.



Additional information

Weight 8 kg


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