Saab EDF 105 2500mm EDF Turbine Model


Saab 105 – 2500mm EDF Turbine Model

This is a un built kit made from XPS Foam. You will receive a box of pre cut foam components. You will need experience and other parts to complete the model.
No Hardware or Under cart is included.
This kit is made to order and takes around 7 Days to dispatch
Please visit our XPS kit FAQ so you understand and are familiar with this range of model

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Model Saab EDF 105 – 2500mm 

The Saab EDF 105 is a high-wing, twin side-by-side seat configuration, two engine-powered training and multi-mission jet, with swept-wings. This airplane (later denominated as Sk 60 by the Swedish Flygvapnet was the product of a private venture by the company, which and after witnessing the success of the S 35 Draken, decided to implement a program with its own funds to develop a new training plane, with military purposes and eventually, civil purposes. The Saab 105 is, in fact, a multi-mission aircraft, in lieu with the operational framework Saab and Sweden normally contemplates for its aircraft. For instance, it can perform missions of training, liaison, ground attack, reconnaissance and limited interception. In regards to civilian use, the small jet was intended to be a four or five-seat business jet, but this plan met no success, making the Saab 105 a military machine and the company to aim at the military market (until the arrival of the Saab 340 and the Saab 2000, the company would not venture into the civil market, although Saab ventured into this market in the Saab 90 Scandia in the 40’s and 50’s). It replaced the de Havilland Vampires that served in the Flygvapnet as training jets.

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Saab EDF 105 2500mm EDF Turbine Model

wingspan –  2282 mm
length – 2550 mm
wing area –  67 dm²
number of components – 364 pc

For 120mm High Power 12s EDF or Turbine



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Weight 8 kg


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