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RC helicopter models suitable for beginner and advanced flyers - all these are ready-to-fly. Our RC helicopter kits include batteries, chargers and radio controls. Perfect if you want to get in the air as soon as possible! Looking to fly outdoors, then you can’t beat an addictive flying experience. For more technically sophisticated and versatile model helicopters. If you're looking for something smaller to fly indoors then the stable Combat Twister is loads of fun!

Ready to Fly

We have Ready to Run Scale Radio Controlled Helicopters

The Future is here

all new multi-rotors are designed to be versatile, strong, high performance machines with simple yet sophisticated construction. Jagers drones use high-grade materials to build platforms with multiple applications in aerial photography, video and beyond. The HC81 and AD97 can be fitted with the latest electronics and camera gimbals - they look stunning too! Take a closer look.

If it looks Real it is Real

How hard is it to fly?

Of all the radio controlled vehicles out there, no question about it, helicopters are the hardest to fly. Don’t let this scare you! Many times you will hear some clever analogy of how hard it is to fly a helicopter . . . “It’s like standing on a beach ball on one foot while trying to balance a broomstick in the palm of your hand on a windy day.” Clever, but these people probably have not even flown a helicopter themselves. Yes, they are difficult to fly, but anybody who really wants to learn to fly one can do so with some time and perseverance. The nice thing is that you can learn how to fly all by yourself, though it is highly recommended that you have us at least help you set up your machine. All you have to do is progress at a rate that you are comfortable with. Soon you will be hovering, and then into forward flight, and then loops and rolls, and then who knows what!

How long does it take to learn to fly?

This all depends on how hard you work at it. Generally, it will take most people two or three weeks of practice maybe three to four evenings a week to learn to hold a fairly solid hver. After another month or so, you will be comfortable with forward flight. By the end of the third month you can be performing loops. It all depends on your personality, interest level, and how much you enjoy flying. We have seen many people doing loops and rolls within a month’s time! The key point to remember is to have fun along the way. You may have fun just flying around, or you might be the type who always wants to get the most out of your machine so you will work very hard at executing maneuvers with precision. It all depends on you.

Do you have to start with R/C airplanes first?

NO! With helicopters you start flying from the ground up. Having flown an airplane certainly cannot hurt, but as far as hovering goes, it is completely different from an airplane anyway. Vice, versa. If you started out on helicopters you probably would pick up airplane flying a little quicker, too.

Who will help me fly it?

Most hobby stores that sell helicopters offer flying lessons, or they can help put you in touch with a model club in your area that can help you.

Are helicopters dangerous?

At a glance a helicopter may appear to be harmless, but when the engine is spinning the blades at over 2000 RPM (275 mph), you can easily see how much energy this model has. Helicopter pilots must be very careful to choose a location that is a safe distance from spectators, buildings, trees, and roadways. To avoid accidents, they must also pay attention to the condition of their machine.

Do you have to use a helicopter radio? How many channels?

Highly recommended, but not necessary. A helicopter radio has special throttle/collective-pitch/tail mixing functions that are not available on airplane radios. These mixing functions make the helicopter much easier to set up and fly. Special features such as “throttle hold” and “idle up” also increase ease of aerobatics. The helicopter will fly with a minimum number of 4 channels by directly linking throttle and collective pitch on one servo or channel. The minimum number of channels available on a helicopter radio is five: throttle, collective pitch, tail rotor pich, fore-aft cyclic and left-right cyclic. More channels may be used for other purposes: gyro switching, lights, landing gear.

Do I have to use a gyro? What does it do?

Yes you have to use a gyro (if you really want to learn at a quick rate with less crashes). Just as you will buy a helicopter radio sooner or later, you will end up buying a gyro even sooner if you don’t right at the initial purchase. Until you know the difference, you can’t really appreciate how much one will help you. What a gyro does is act as automatic pilot for the tail rotor (the function that tells the helicopter what direction to face). When learning, it is important that the helicopter is always facing the same direction as you are (the nose pointing away from you and the tail pointing towards you). This way every input that you give to the helicopter will be the same direction you are facing. Right is right, left is left, forward is forward, etc. If the helicopter is sideways to you or facing you, until you are ready to control the machine in this orientation, you will be very confused. The gyro will help the helicopter always face the same direction. It compensates for wind and over controlling the function. It dampens the “twichiness” of the tail.

Scale Quad and Multi Copters


By the middle of the 21st Century counter terrorism and counter insurgency, placed higher demands on states.and resources. Traditional attack helicopters found it ever harder to work in a multi threat environment.

A combined effort between BAE/Vosper, JSOC and The Royal Navy lead to the creation of the AD97 Vengeance Platform.

A lightweight composite air frame with reactive Armour and and multi mission counter measures allow the AD77 to survive in a high threat environment

the AD77 is able to carry an array of weapons systems both internal and on under wing hard points. The Vengeance is fitted with the MBA 277 Multi barrel system. THE MBA 77 features ceramic penatrator rounds that are programmable by the operator for penetration and dispersment.

and personal relationships to get results for all M&M’s clients. She is a talented and hard working attorney who never stops trying to bring another win for her clients.

Robo Bat out of Hell

RoboBat was thought of together with slick aerodynamics in mind.

The carbon fibre material lets us to create a strong but also a very light structure as a base to build upon.

For the Canopy our main priority was the ease of maintenance. No further do you need to disassemble your Quadcopter just to access the electronics inside we have incorporated a hinge feature allowing for easy and quick access without a complicated procedure.

An eye-catching shape coupled with a streamlined Canopy, high speeds and quick acceleration are achievable due to the low air resistance. The Canopy comes in different colours suitable for all your various expeditions. The Canopy is made from shock-absorbing PC material. to protect your expensive electronic insides.

If you have FPV racing on your mind, then look no further this is your quadcopter of choice.

We came up with improvements to better our RoboCat design, these include:

Racing Scale Multi copter Cyclops

The 2049 round of the Feng GEV Endurance Series championship, one of the most important endurance and speed competitions on a racing circuit, was held last weekend on the track at Misano Adriatico. The next leg will be the classic Spa 24 Hours, to be held in Belgium at the end of July 2049, followed by the Polish race in Gdansk. Once again, Jager is the sole supplier of Ekranoplan Racing Chassis for this closed matched season.

With Hybrid power systems such as  Aston Martin X12, Audi Power 8, Ferrari 4BB, Lamborghini w14, and McLaren LS900, as well as for other superstars of today’s motor racing.

Jager has always had a great interest inracing, for the Ground Effect Vehicles need to have a perfect blend of high-speed performance coupled with reliability and maneuverability under prolonged stress. It is a very important test bed for commercial models, bearing in mind that the racing vehicles are derived from standard production models.

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