Radio Controlled 1/16 and 1/10 scale Rolls Royce 1920 Type1a Armoured car Kit

September 11, 2018 0 By Jagerhobby
Radio Controlled 1/16 and 1/10 scale Rolls Royce 1920 Type1a Armoured car Kit

Our new Radio Controlled #Rolls #Royce #Armoured Car KIt


In 1914, despite its early endeavors, armoured car development in Great Britain was near to nil. The first Rolls Royce ACs were conceived almost by accident. In August 1914, the Eastchurch Squadron of the RNAS (Royal Naval Air Service) was based in Ostend under the command of Wing Commander Charles Rumney Samson. On the road to England, they were ordered to stay in Dunkirk and help spotting the enemy incursions. Two of the cars were equipped with a 0.3 cal. (7.62 mm) #Maxim machine-gun, to supplement the lack of aircraft.


After a few sorties, they were armored with boiler plates, and later used in coordination with other airplanes that spotted the enemy. So successful were their actions that, by decision of the War Office in October, all other Rolls Royce Silver Ghost chassis were converted as armoured cars. A committee headed by the Admiralty Air Department rationalized the conversion and set up the new tactical units, giving birth to the Armoured Car 1914 Pattern. These vehicles also acquired fame during the Middle-Eastern campaign. Modernization will follow after WWI, with the 1920, 1921 Indian and 1924 patterns, which survived long enough to see service during WWII in Africa.

Bovington Tank Museum

The 1920 Pattern vehicle is very similar to the earlier Rolls-Royce 1914 Admiralty Turreted and the later 1924 Pattern Armored Cars. That is not surprising as it is also based on the 40/50 horse power Silver Ghost Chassis, but with some additional improvements.  In fact, the Silver Ghost chassis was initially used on the First Admiralty Pattern vehicles and remained relatively unchanged until 1925.


The 1920 Pattern vehicle was built in two versions, the Mark 1 and the Mark 1A, with the Mark 1A being upgraded to some Rolls-Royce 1924 Pattern vehicle standards.  Some of the first production models were later sent to serve in Ireland and other colonies/commonwealth countries. Including use by the Royal Air Force (RAF).  Not only did the RAF inherit a number of ex-Army vehicles, but they also had some vehicles built specifically for their use; which they referred to as the Rolls-Royce Armoured Car Type A.  Some of these RAF cars even saw service in the early part of World War Two, including some modified to become improved Fordson Armored Cars. Besides minor changes and upgrades, the Fordsons used the original Rolls Royce hulls, but fitted to newer commercial truck chassis.


The identification of the  three similar Rolls-Royce turreted vehicle types is difficult at times. The vehicles were upgraded and improved a number of times and they were in service for many years. For instance, older pattern hulls were sometimes fitted to new vehicle suspension & drive trains.  “Typical” 1920 pattern vehicle characteristics include Michelin disc-wheels, a larger/higher turret, armoured plate for machine gun aperture, sturdier front fenders, louvered front engine plates and the driver’s cab front armour plate having “staggered” (1 higher & 1 lower) vision slits.

Jager Hobby are pleased to announce our Radio Controlled 1/16 and 1/10 scale Rolls Royce 1920 Type1a Armoured car Kit

As you can see it builds into a stunning model, and we intend to support it with scale crew and extra detail kits.

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As you can see we have created a stunning model that will be a real joy to build

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