Fly Higher

Fly More, Fly Different, FLY

@Jager Hobby we have worked hard to bring you a range of aircraft models that STAND OUT

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Our Range of 70- 90 Sized EDF kits. Unusual models for you to build.

Ready to Fly

Ready to Fly radio controlled aircraft

Giant Models

Giant Scale Models, Jets and Prop Kits and Almost Ready To Fly

Almost Ready to Fly

Pre Built Radio Controlled Aircraft

Scale Warbirds

If Carlsberg made warbirds... This is where they would be..

Unique Gliders

We love gliding and E Soaring... This is what we fly

See Some of our Models

"What I love about these models is that they are chosen by modellers not afraid to get off the beaten track and show us tsomething different."
Alene Elvine
“The aim has always been to create models that stand out the XPS Foam kits make this happen"
Jonas Gerber

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