Expanded polystyrene XPS aircraft models FAQ

Expanded polystyrene XPS aircraft models FAQ

XPS Aircraft Kits

#Extruded #Polystyrene blocks (XPS) are ideal for all types of #modelling from #CNC machinery down to hand-carved sculpturing. XPS can be cut, sanded and shaped easily due to its uniform structure and because it is lightweight yet very strong it is used in a wide range of applications and industries such as: Theatre and film sets, product design and prototypes, art colleges, model makers etc.

How are our #kits designed?

Mirage 2000 EDF Turbine Model

We usually start with a 3 view plan or traditional Rc #balsa model plan. On models we are unsure of the flying qualities we will also work on a small #depron prototype.

Jager Hobby F16 EDF Model

Radio Controlled Colonial Viper

From this a 3d Model is created

The model is then manipulated and Internal structures are added

Once we have added ducted fan mounts and thrust tubes we look at the wing area and structure

Radio Controlled F20 Tigershark

F20 Tigershark 1900mm 90mm Electric or Turbine Model Kit

We will use a suitable wing section and if required use our experience to increase wing areas . The idea is to build a well flying model.

Radio Controlled F15 Strike Eagle Kit

The model is then “Sliced” in to cross sections


The sliced parts are then arranged in CAD to be cut. The Shapes wont all be straight edges so curves and tapers are added in

The XPS sheet is then cut using a  CNC cutter. This cuts the sheets

We now have a set of pre cut rc model parts

The parts are then numbered following the plan and we can start to build

Building the model

Lots of different types of glue work with aircraft XPS we prefer a sand able wood glue. MAKE SURE YOU TEST before on an off cut

First we build individual slices of the cross section up. Slots are pre cut in for tube to keep everything square

From there we build up  the aircraft sub structure . Its important to use a little flat weigh and pin the sections as we go

The substructures are then joined together

Its amazing how quickly you have a built aircraft airframe

The same process is followed for the wings and tail

Next we will look at sanding covering and finishing