Unique and Rapid model making We can make anything

October 6, 2018 0 By Jagerhobby
Unique and Rapid model making We can make anything

Model Making we can make you anything

A Customer contacted us for some very specific size and shape boxes for his project.

The team at #jager had a set of photos and sizes to work from

Using our #3dmodelling skills we were able to recrate them then #3dprint the boxes to the required size


have rather ambivalent feelings towards the terms ‘model’ and even more so ‘model maker’. Personally I cringe inwardly when I’m referred to as a ‘model maker’ because I feel it instantly reduces me to a fraction of what I am or what I’m involved with .. and judging by the quality, depth and variety of much of the work on show at New Blades 2015 I think the graduates deserve to feel the same! But however much I might dislike the term because of how little it’s understood ..seeing the show makes me very proud to be considered a ‘model maker’ too!

I’ve tried to include photos here of the work that most impressed or interested me this year, but I’ve also included work from past years which I felt was indicative of New Blades as a whole. Unfortunately, since there are no catalogues or online records of the exhibits, I was limited in the choice of photos and only had the names of the exhibitors, but no work titles or other info..