Virginia Hall – A Very Dangerous Woman During World War 2

September 16, 2018 0 By Carol Jagerhobby
Virginia Hall – A Very Dangerous Woman During World War 2

She is the most dangerous of #Allied #spies. We must find and destroy her” was an actual thing the #Gestapo said about #Virginia Hall. An #American operative in #Vichy France, who helped gather vital intelligence for Britain in the early years of the war.

Despite the fact that her country — the United States — had yet to enter the war.  Women weren’t generally considered spy material by the prevailing dudes in charge. Despite walking with a limp on a #prosthetic leg, which made her easily identifiable.

When America did finally enter the war, Hall was forced to escape by herself, on foot, over the Pyrenees mountains, all while still only having one leg. Upon arriving in Spain, she promptly pleaded to be sent back, which she ultimately was — this time to occupied France, where she helped train the French #resistance, cut Nazi supply lines, and generally cause mass chaos in preparation for the Allied landing at Normandy. While being literally hunted by Nazis.




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1/16 Scale Figure- Virginia Hall an extraordinary woman